How long does it take to smoke a pipe? Each bowl of Shisha Flavour will last for around 30 ? 45 minutes, depending on the number of guests smoking the pipe.

Do you use multiple-hose Shisha Pipes? We only use single-hose Shisha Pipes. In our experience,?a LOT?of drinks and empty glasses get knocked over when using the multiple-hose pipes (as guests pass the hoses round)

How many flavours do you offer? We offer a selection of the most popular Shisha Flavours as standard (subject to availability and demand) Other companies make a charge per ?extra? flavour on top of a basic menu of three or four. We do not believe this is good practice!

Can you mix custom flavours? Yes, we are happy to make custom mixes of two or more flavours from our menu ? at no extra charge!

Is there a limit on how many times we can have the flavours and coals changed? No, we offer unlimited quantities of both during your service at no extra charge.